Writing Guidelines

Committed to Professionalism:

As a press release company dedicated to professionalism, please follow the detailed guidelines below for crafting impactful and ethical press releases:

News Story Format:

Write in a news story format, maintaining an objective and journalistic tone. Avoid promotional or blog-like language.

Headline Requirements:

Create headlines with at least ten words, summarizing the news concisely and accurately.

Personal Pronoun Usage:

Use personal pronouns (I, me, we, our, etc.) exclusively within direct quotes. Keep the rest of the content in a neutral, third-person perspective.

Language Restrictions:

Use only English words and letters; avoid symbols or emojis to ensure a universally understandable tone.

Avoid Questions:

Refrain from posing questions to the reader. Focus on providing information in a clear, factual manner.

Link Inclusion:

Include up to 10 relevant links within the body of the press release, avoiding placement in the headline or summary.

Image Limit and Placement:

Incorporate up to 10 images, each on a separate line within the body of the press release.

Word Count Flexibility:

No specific word count limitations; aim for comprehensive and detailed information while maintaining clarity.

Strictly Restricted:

Shocking or Sensational Content:

Avoid including shocking or sensational content to maintain a respectful and informative tone.

Restricted Health Claims:

Refrain from making unsupported or restricted health claims. Ensure health-related statements are accurate and comply with regulations.

Tobacco and Drugs:

Do not endorse or glorify tobacco or drug-related products; ensure compliance with legal and ethical standards.

Controversial Topics:

Exercise caution when covering controversial topics. Present information objectively and provide balanced perspectives.

Illegal Activities:

Do not endorse or provide information on illegal activities; adhere to all relevant laws and regulations.

Adult Content:

Strictly prohibit the inclusion of adult content or explicit material; maintain a professional tone.

Violent or Threatening Language:

Avoid using violent or threatening language; maintain a tone of civility and positive communication.

Misleading Claims:

 Avoid making misleading claims; ensure all statements are accurate, verifiable, and supported by credible sources.

Discriminatory Terms:

Refrain from using discriminatory terms or language that may be offensive; promote inclusivity and sensitivity.

Profanity and Offensive Language:

Prohibit the use of profanity or offensive language; maintain a professional and respectful tone. By adhering to these guidelines, you’ll create press releases that not only meet professional standards but also uphold ethical considerations in communication.